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Issue 3: Education for Community Building

Illustration by Rini Templeton

Resources for Popular Education and Participatory Research

Special Thanks to Professor John Hurst, faculty advisor to the Center for Popular Education and Participatory Research at the University of California-Berkeley, for several annotations below.

Catalyst Centre


The Catalyst Centre, located in Toronto, Canada, celebrates and promotes innovative learning, popular education, research and community development to advance positive social change. Their PopEd Map is a database of Canadian and international popular education groups organized by location.

Center for Popular Education and Participatory Research (CPEPR)


Graduate School of Education

4501 Tolman Hall, #1670

University of California-Berkeley

Berkeley, CA 94720-1670

510-642-2856, phone


CPEPR was formed by students in the Graduate School of Education at the University of California-Berkeley to strengthen the participation of everyday people in popular education and participatory research. They support women, youth, immigrants, and people of color in efforts to attain a more just, equitable and peaceful society. CPEPR seeks to empower a grassroots network of people working for positive change in their communities.

International Council for Adult Education (ICAE)


The International Council for Adult Education, Toronto, Canada was founded in 1973 to strengthen the practice of adult education through publications, research, seminars, workshops and North-South exchanges. The conduct international programs in environment, gender, pead and human rights, literacy and participatory research. ICAE publishes Convergence, a leading journal in the field, and hosts a web site in English, Spanish and French.

Highlander Research and Education Center


Located in New Market, Tennesee and founded in 1932, HREC is the oldest and best known popular education center in the United States, perhaps in the world. This residential adult education center has inspired generations of progressive educators and activists from John Dewey to Martin Luther King, Jr. The Resources section of their website is especially valuable. In addition to books, articles, videos, music and their own Highlander Reports for sale, it offers a complete searchable catalog of the Highlander Library—one of the most extensive collections of popular education and participatory research materials available anywhere.

International Federation of Workers' Education (IFWEA)


IFWEA, located in Oslo, Norway, believes in Democracy as a Method—that learning together is needed to train people to work together in their organizations for social justice. "The small group, with a non-directive coordinator, is one of the most important pedagogic methods.... Participatory education methods stimulate a critical attitude, clarify the different between facts and opinions, and seek out the underlying values in the material under discussion. Free and voluntary education in a study circle is a form of applied democracy."

Institute for People's Education and Action


Bookshop, resource center

North American Alliance of Popular and Adult Educators


List Serve: listserve@xavier.xu.edu

Participatory Action Research Network (PARnet)


PARnet, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. This exceptionally well-maintained and technologically sophisticated website can be translated online into Spanish, French, Italian, German and Portuguese. The PARchives area of the site has a fully searchable bibliographic database and Document Exchange containing over 550 citations and many hard-to-locate articles. There is also an excellent calendar of international conferences and 42 web sites recommended by the PAR community.

Participatory Research in Asia (PRIA)


Led by scholar Rajesh Tandon, PRIA is one of the oldest organizations dedicated to participatory research in the popular education model in the world, and perhaps the best known and most productive. PRIA consists of four centers: Centre for Local Self-Governance, Center for participation in Development, Centre for Civil Society Development, and the Centre for Environmentally Sustainable Industrial Development. PRIA has also formed a Network of Collaborating Regional Support Organizations (NCRSOs). PRIA's website offers a long list of publications, periodicals, videos, and various archival resources.

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