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Issue 3: Education for Community Building

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Resources for Service Learning in Alternative Education

American Association of Community Colleges Service-Learning Clearinghouse


American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education


American Association for Higher Education


American Association for School Administrators


Communications for a Sustainable Future


Web site contains the Guide to College and University Service-Learning Programs, Courses and Syllabi; the Service-Learning Discussion Group archives; the Guide to Service-Learning Organizations, Networks, Venues and Resources; the online library of Service-Learning Syllabi (by discipline).

Campus Compact

Box 1975

Brown University

Providence, RI 02912-1975

1-401-867-3950, phone

1-401-867-3925, fax


National coalition of more than 740 college and university presidents committed to the civic purposes of higher education. Promotes community service that develops students' citizenship skills and values, encourages partnerships between campuses and communities, and assists faculty who seek to integrate public and community engagement into their teaching and research.

Compact for Learning and Citizenship

700 Broadway, Suite 1200

Denver, CO 80203-3460

1-303-299-3644, phone

1-303-296-8332, fax


A national membership organization of chief state school officers, district superintendents, service-learning professionals, and others who support service-learning. Links school-based service and service learning to K-12 curriculum and organizes schools to maximize community volunteer efforts.

Corporation for National and Community Service

Learn and Serve grant info: 1-202-606-5000 www.learnandserve.org

A federal program that funds state education agencies, state commissions on community service, nonprofit organizations, Indian tribes, and U.S. territories, which then select and fund local service-learning program. Institutions of higher education and consortia are funded directly. Their program—Learn and Serve America—supports service-learning programs in schools and community organizations. Learn and Serve grants are used to create new programs or replicate existing programs, as well as to provide training and development to staff, faculty, and volunteers. All Learn and Serve America projects must match federal funds with resources from the state, municipality or community. The Corporation is part of USA Freedom Corps, a federal initiative to encourage civic volunteerism. Affiliated Freedom Corps and Corporation for National Service programs include AmeriCorps, Senior Corps, Citizen Corps and Peace Corps .

See also National Service Learning Clearinghouse below.

Green Corps

Green Corps Central Office

29 Temple Place

Boston, MA 02111

1-617-426-8506, phone

1-617-292-8057, fax


Trains youth and activists in the skills of stratagizing, organizing and advocating for environmental issues. The Environmental Leadership Training Program is a year-long, full time, paid educational opportunity.

Learning in Deed

Centralized location for information about governmental projects related to service-learning; federal, state, and local policy; National Service Learning Partnership; and National Commission on Service Learning.


National Service Learning Clearinghouse

P.O. Box 1830

Santa Cruz, CA 95061

1-866-245-7378, phone

1-831-430-9471, fax


Disseminates resources related to service learning for Learn and Serve America grantees and other programs. The Clearinghouse also operates a variety of listserves; a website and information database; a toll-free information phone line; and a collection of publications on service learning. The National Service-Learning Exchange supports high quality service-learning programs in schools, colleges and universities, and community organizations.


Rural Schools and Community Trust


Vermont Youth Conservation Corps

92 South Main Street

Waterbury, VT 05676

1-800-639-8922, phone




A private nonprofit organization that hires teams of young adults who work and study under adult leadership to complete high-priority conservation and park management projects on public lands in Vermont.

Youth Service California

663 13th Street

Oakland, CA 94612

1-510-302-0550, phone

1-510-302-0551, fax


Provides leadership training to people interested in community schools and other community education. Extensive training sessions available throughout the year.

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