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Issue 2: Community Scale Economics

Table of Contents


The New Urbanism: Zoning and Housing that Serve Home-based Businesses

By Michael Pyatok, FAIA

Share-It Square: A Portland Neighborhood Creates Civic Riches

by Andrea Montalbano

Greenmarket: Farmers' Markets of New York Make Modern Day Agora

by Jane McGroarty

Littleton, Colorado: A Self-reliant Community in the Global Age

by Christian Gibbon


Amazing Shrinking Machines: Local Economies are Thriving Alternatives to Globalism

by Michael Shuman

Resources: Community Scale Economies


Profiles in Microlending: Case Studies of Women Entrepreneurs

by Betsy Brill

Encouraging New Entrepreneurs, Not Just Creating Jobs

by Roberta Brandes Gratz

Resources: Microenterprises in the U.S.


Making Money Sustainable: Work in Progress at the Los Angeles Eco-Village

by Lois Arkin

Community Currencies at a Crossroads: New Ways Forward for Local Currencies and LETS Systems

by Tom Cohen-Mitchell

Progressive Business Models

Cooperatives: Co-op and Worker Owned Businesses

by Steve Bodzin

Urban Aquaculture

by Beth Ferguson

Sweet Economics: New Cooperative Produces Chocolate Where it is Grown

by Marc (Moth) Green

Resources: Cooperatives and Worker-Owned Businesses

Social Purpose Ventures

Youth Industry

by Teresa Moore

Resources: Community Economic Development

Urban Agriculture

Urban Agriculture: A Revolutionary Model for Economic Development

by Chris Lazarus

Profiles in Urban Agriculture

by Chris Lazarus

The Food Project -- Roxbury and Lincoln, Massachusetts

Isles Community Farm -- Trenton, New Jersey

Fairview Gardens -- Goleta, California

Annex Organics/ Field to Table -- Toronto, Ontario

Greensgrow Farm -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Growing Home -- Chicago, Illinois

Village of Arts and Humanities -- Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The Urban Agriculture Network -- Washington, D.C.

Resources: Urban Agriculture

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