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Issue 3: Education for Community Building

Table of Contents

Editor's Introduction

University/Community Partnerships

The Southeast Asian Environmental Justice Partnership: Citizens Revive a New England Mill Town River

by Linda Silka

Mayor's Institute on City Design

Building Social Capital through Participatory Design: The Waterfront Commons of Union Point Park, Oakland

by Michael Rios

Resources: University Community Partnerships

Resources: Southeast Asian Health & Refugee Issues

Making Waves Along the Mississippi: The East St. Louis Action Research Project

by Kenneth Reardon

Mill Creek: West Philadelphia Students Uncover the Life of their Urban Watershed

by Benjamin McCloskey

Resources: Service Learning and Alternative Education

Progressive Curricula and Programs

Dilmun Hill: Developing an Environmental Learning Center at Cornell

by Heather Clark

Resources for Community-Based Alternative Education

Resources for Ecological Education

Partnerships for Social Change: Community-Based Learning at Hampshire College

by Myrna Breitbart and Beth Ferguson

Intentional Communities as Learning Opportunities

by Dan Greenberg

Salvadori Center

by Jane McGroarty

Community Design Centers

Architecture as Ministry: Detroit Community Design Center

by Terrence Curry

Resources for Community Designers

by John Cary, Jr.

Henry Sanoff: Learning by Design


Popular Education

Telling It Like It Was: Community Storytelling in the Bronx

by Lyn Pyle, Colleen Halsburg Wiessner, and Jim Morgan

PICCED: Forty Years in the Making

The How of Study Circles

by Cecile Andrews

Resources for Popular Education and Participatory Research

Nature As Teacher

Awakening Our Senses to Learn: Interview with Wilderness Educator Jon Young

Interviewer: Christina Bertea

Inviting Nature to the Planning Table

Camp Arroyo

A Shrimp Tale: Students and Teachers Restore a Local Watershed

by Nancy Bauer

Center for Eco-Literacy

Designing Ecological Schoolyards

by Sharon Danks

Resources for Ecological Schoolyards

Argonne Child Development Center


In Memory: Sidney Gilbert

In Memory: David Kibbey

In Memory: Sam Mockbee

ADPSR President's Message

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